It’s spring cleaning time, and that includes cleaning up some of the sites I manage. I decided to consolidate my outside blog, “Some Bald Guy Responds,” onto this site, primarily because I have more control over it here. It also seems dumb to have two sites when one will do everything I want it to do.

I also am announcing that I am cutting WAY back on music gigs for the time being. I have been so busy lately with other commitments that I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to doing solo dates as I once have. I’ll still do the occasional gig here and there, but it’s not going to be at the scale that I was previously. Instead, I am turning my attention to writing, something for which I’ve always had a passion (another reason for bringing my blog into my main site).

So if you see a lot more writing from me than before, well there’s a reason for that! And if you couldn’t have cared less what I was doing, well….WHY ARE YOU EVEN READING THIS THEN?!