Welcome to my website! For those of you who don’t know me, I am a singer and instrumentalist, technical guru, and all-around creative type. On this site, hopefully you’ll find out more about me as well as check out the music I have available.

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I have been writing reviews, commentaries, and various ramblings as a part of the Christian music industry-recognized and respected MusicScribe for nearly a decade. Be sure to check out the site to see what I (and our other contributors) come up with….

On some Sundays, I can be found serving at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church in Cleves, OH. I help out with several areas of ministry, including video production and music. If you’re in the area, stop by and see what’s going on!

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The Cost For Booking Me

A few years ago, I decided to stop doing what I call "exposure" dates. These are usually gigs that don't pay anything, and have no real benefit other than simply giving you exposure to audiences. They're great for folks who are just starting out as singers/performers,...

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Firstborn Christians

How many of us were raised in the church, or are long-time church members who show up every Sunday, volunteer for events, pay tithes, and play a large part in our church? Don’t we deserve to be celebrated?

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Education and Information in the Modern World

Is the time-honored tradition of passing down information from one generation to the next now outdated by the amount of knowledge and information available to us?

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My Favorite Christmas Movies: “George And The Christmas Star”

A tale of a young man who, while decorating his Christmas tree, decides that a standard paper star on top simply won’t do.

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My Favorite Christmas Movies: “Ernest Saves Christmas”

While this isn’t a beloved classic along the lines of It’s A Wonderful Life or A Christmas Carol, Ernest Saves Christmas nonetheless is a fun, enjoyable 90 minutes of silly humor mixed with a unique and often touching Santa story.

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Blessings To Be Found

There are so many things I can be mad about in this life. At the same time, there are so many things that I should be thankful for, often as the result of my frustrations.

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