Who Is Kyle Boreing?

Kyle Boreing is a multi-talented singer, instrumentalist, writer, and producer. His music career began as soon as he got his driver’s license – he booked his first solo gig three months after his 16th birthday and hasn’t stopped since, recording 6 solo albums to date.

Among Kyle’s many and varied musical accomplishments include singing lead vocals with Acclaim, a gospel quartet based out of Greenville, OH, playing drums and keys with The Rusty Van Band, a rock/jam band, for four years, and filling in multiple times with Whey Jennings (grandson of country music great, Waylon Jennings). He has opened for or appeared on stage with various national touring acts. Among Kyle’s higher honors have been the opportunity to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” for many different sporting events.

Not content to simply be on stage, Kyle is also a talented recording producer and engineer, having produced all of his solo albums. His engineering (as well as backing vocals and playing) can be heard on several artists’ recordings and demos.

Aside from music, Kyle is also an accomplished writer. His contributions to MusicScribe.com include topical entires, music reviews, and news stories, and have become well-respected among the Christian music industry.

Kyle lives in North Bend, OH, with his wife Emily and their sons, Aidan, Alec, and Ashton.