If you’ve made it this far, then that probably means you know at least A LITTLE about me, but just in case you’re unfamiliar, this blog is an attempt to elaborate on topics in more than 140 characters and without clogging someone else’s news feed with unsolicited opinions. At least this way, I can offer my thoughts and ideas without feeling like I’m hijacking someone else’s social media to do so.

That being said, I’d first like to welcome you and thank you for taking a moment to join me here at Some Bald Guy Responds. In case you’re wondering, the site name originates from a joke I made on social meda:

Why am I never quoted as “responding” to a current event?? “George Takei, Mike Huckabee, and some bald guy who talks to much respond to Kim Davis’ release from jail.”

Posted by Kyle Boreing on Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shortly after I posted the joke, the idea of Some Bald Guy Responds just wouldn’t go away. It’s a fairly simple concept, and really not all that funny of a joke, but it DOES describe the purpose of this site – a bald guy (me) responding to various topics, whether they be current events, entertainment, history, geography, or (dare I say it) politics and religion. It’s my site!

If you are unfamiliar with some of my writing, then I encourage you to visit MusicScribe.com, a southern gospel music site for whom I’ve written for the last seven years. I have no intentions to leave that site, and my work there will continue as usual. In that instance, I am writing more from a journalistic approach rather than personal opinion (although I do offer commentaries on the topic of gospel music from time to time). That’s not going to change.

What makes Some Bald Guy Responds different than other sites for which I’ve written is that this is very much me, raw and unrehearsed (and if history is any indication, with very little proofreading). Although I try to be clear and concise with my writing, there are times where I find it almost therapeutic to simply write, language arts be damned. I therefore apologize in advance for any hackery of the English language (including the use of the word “hackery,” which my spell-checker indicates is not actually a word; poetic license envoked!!).

I will also warn you – comments on this page will be open, but moderated. I reserve the right to edit comments as I see fit (I don’t want this to turn into a free-for-all). That being said, I welcome folks to comment on anything they feel led to. This is the internet, after all! All I ask is that you remain respectful, and keep the language at a PG level – late 80’s PG (movie buffs will get that joke, I hope).

So, with that out of the way, I’m going to get things underway at Some Bald Guy Responds. Maybe I’ll try to be clever with my post titles – I haven’t decided yet, so that can be an adventure we all can take together. For now, it’s rainy, cool, and getting late (for me), so I’m off to bed, unless I think of something.